Organic Certified & 100% vegan

Awardwinning & exclusive Facial-, Body & Hair Care

Packed with completely natural vitamines, minerals, proteins & moisture, from wonderful organic & natural ingrediens

GreenEtiq has won several Beauty Awards due to it´s fine and effective qualities:

YEAR 2024 Organic Beauty Awards Sweden. Winner, Best new product 2024. Foot Cream 100 & 500ml.
Year 2024
Organic Beauty Awards Sweden. Nominated, Best Face Tonic 2024. 
Year 2023 
Nordic Natural Beauty Awards. Best and most natural AntiAge&Moisture cream, with SPF 30 from natural mineral filters.

Year 2023
From the experienced Beautyadvisers at Aftonbladet in Sweden, GreenEtiq won a Beauty Oscar as best organic brand.
ear 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards, Silver medal for our BodyLotion and Bronze medal, for the best organic SPF product.
Year 2022 Nordic Natural Beauty Awards - GreenEtiq was the most winning brand. Winning in 3 out of 4 registred categories.

Year 2021 Global MakeUp awards, -GreenEtiq won both a Gold and Bronze, on both registret products. Best serum & antiage product. 
Year 2021 – At Danish Beauty Awards, GreenEtiq was nominated as “New brand of the year”, among a host of other new brands.

At least 95% of the natural and naturally derived substances from plants contained in the product are organic,

just as no products contain animal raw materials or have been tested on animals.

100% Vegan & produced on sustainable agriculture

Briefly about GreenEtiq:

  · Packed with completely natural Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Moisture and thus rich in AntiOxidants

  · Praised for all skin types, -also sensitive skin, Rocasea, dry skin, mature dry skin, impure skin, oily skin etc.
  · No harmful chemicals.
  · The fine qualities are very durable in use. Smoothes, repairs and moisturizes, with quickly visible effect.
  · Gives a beautiful and healthy glow to the skin.
  · No animal ingredients - 100% Vegan.
  · No synthetic perfume, only mild essential oils.
  · Produced by Sustainable Agriculture. 

  · All redundant packaging is excluded - Seeking as sustainable a profile as possible.
  · Exclusive qualities at a reasonable price.
  · Airtight pump packaging, airless pumps, which ensure you an active product throughout the product's lifetime.