Why choose GreenEtiq?

The good claims at GreenEtiq Denmark:

  • Minimum 95% Organic.
  • Vegan – No animal raw material.
  • Produced on sustainable agriculture 
  • No syntetic fragrance - only mild etheric oils. 
  • No redundant packaging.
  • Airtight packaging - Longer shelf life.
  • Packaging with pump - No fingers/bacteria in the products. 
  • Clean & cold production to secure as many assets as possible in the products.

  • Eksclusiv quality at a resonable price.
  • The products are packed with vitamins, minerals, and Moisture.
  • Intense quality - max 3 drops of serum per application.

  • Praised for both sensitive skin & Rocasea

  • Praised for both dry, oily, impure and mature skin

  • Natrue Certification looks at the complete value chain.

  • Water is not included in the percentages of organic raw-materials.

  • Organic products, that really works and all day/night long.

  • An exclusive product, made with regard to the nature.

Pure organic, vegan & sustainable:
  • GreenEtiq´'s selected farmer has more than 20 years of experience in the production of Organic raw materials for both Face, Body & Haircare.

  • Manual harvesting & manual production.

  • Daily care of fields / plants = the raw materials.

  • water in product is Elektro treated - elimination of bacteria.

  • No perfume - only essential oil.

  • Finest Organic and Natural ingredients throughout .
  • High quality, high end quality at a reasonable price.    
  • Pure cold production - ensures utilization of all assets.

Carefully selected packaging for the face-care products: 

  • Pump packaging, -No fingers in the products & no bacteria.

  • Can be filled without the use of hot filling machines, which can burn off the good assets

  • Long shelf life on product due to air tightness - secures all assets. 

  • Decreases need for preservatives due to airtight packaging.

  • Packaging is made of PE-HD - low resource consumption for this.

  • Slim packaging that does not fill the shelves 

  • None unnecessary packaging such as sales cartons & big labels. 

  • Air-less pumps & bottles - practical & easy to use.