The three most important elements behind the idea for the GreenEtiq Brand.
1) -My passion for the good business & the cosmetics world, which for me is a constant search for "Quality for an affordable amount". With my           insight into and experience with the world of cosmetics, I want to make it possible to offer an Organic Certified range, of the highest quality, at a reasonable price, with prices from Eur 23,00 – Eur 57.00. A brand that is based on high quality, Etiq and honesty - where you can rely on product quality, claims and marketing.
2) -If you can not stand eating it, then it will not be healthy to apply to your skin." The increased awareness about living healthy, -not adding anything to your body, neither externally nor internally, that is not good for it. GreenEtiq is also free of animal raw materials.
3) -Sustainability, -Taking care of our environment, so that our dearest property, The successors of us all, have an equally beautiful, green and wonderful world to grow up in, as we have today. Personally, I love to spend time in nature, whether it is summer or winter, -I have daily walks or bike rides with family, friends, colleagues and / or with our dear dog or on horseback in the surrounding forests. Nature has always filled me a lot and has always given me peace a nice possibility to "recharge".

Hope you will enjoy GreenEtiq Denmark´s products and the feeling of real nature that works, just as much as I do…

The best greetings
Tine Ejlersen Liebeck

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