What does Natrue Certified mean: 


·         Natrue Organic - At least 95% of the natural and naturally derived substances (if permitted under § 3.2.2) derived from plants or animals contained in the                   product must come from controlled, organic farming and / or wild collection, certified by a duly recognized certification body or authority.

·         Looking at the entire value chain

·         Requires that all raw materials come from Sustainable Agriculture

·         Water is not included in the amount of organic raw materials / percentages.

·         Vegan friendly, -Natrue does not allow animal testing

·         Vegan friendly - of animal ingredients, Natrue only allows Honey, Milk and Beeswax. However, GreenEtiq does not contain any of these ingredients

·         No perfume - Only mild essential oils.

·         No harmful chemistry

·         Artwork has to be approved by Natrue, to aviod claims that is not true.

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Photos of some of the Organic Raw Materials fields that we use GreenEtiq´s Products.

Oliven grove, Lavendel field, Rosmary & Wheat fields and below the fields of blue grapes: