The way the organic raw materials are treated, from start to finish, is very decisive so that we as users get the most optimal and visible result, with the best

and as many assets as possible, such as anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, natural collagen, completely natural lifting effect and moisture.


After a visit to our carefully selected, highly experienced, professional and family run producer of raw materials, I am very pleasantly surprised that almost everything handled by human hands and not robots/machines. You have here with this one producer, started production of various raw materials such as Aloe-vera plants, Olive trees, lavender bushes, rosemary, grapes, tobacco plants, citrus plants and much more for over 20 years ago and has therefore gradually gained a great deal of knowledge and experience with how the individual raw materials are processed most optimally, from cutting on plant, time factors, for stirring etc., so that all assets are utilized in the best way.


An AloeVera leaf must, for example, in production within 2 hours, after cutting, otherwise the gel oxidizes inside the leaf and thus you lose a great deal of all the forces that a good quality AloeVera can contain. AloeVera can also smell and take on a yellowish tint if it oxidizes.


Temperature also has a very decisive effect during production, as only weak heat will "burning off the good assets", - why the temperature at GreenEtiq's Manufacturer is cool during the entire production but also during filling in packaging. Some types of packaging are omitted, e.g. tubes, as these must

is welded when closing and this happens at a very high and burning temperature. This is exactly why we at GreenEtiq have chosen a much more expensive packaging, namely the AirLess pump for the face-care products, which

also ensures that no air gets to the products, which also reduces

the need for preservatives and extends shelf life in general. Finally, you also avoid any bacteria from your fingers down in the products. At GreenEtiq's manufacturer, you sense a family atmosphere everywhere you go, whether it is in production, out in the fields or in administration. Everyone is a team, a team around Ethics, Quality and Morality in relation to the world around us & fellow human beings etc. It's really nice to experience.

This Aloe Vera leaf has been dis-elected, as it has small brown spots, both on the sides and in the end of the lead. When this is the case, the leaf can be oxidized. If a lead is oxidized, it loosed lots of vitamins, minerals and powder, which is why is it no longer of the high quality we demand at GreenEtiq. 

At the left, you will see a couple of meen, which is in the process of pruning the threes. 

We are in the month of February, -preparing the comming spring.