GreenEtiq Denmark is an award winning exclusive organic certified & 100% vegan Skin- & Haircare brand

The idea behind the brand has been to create a true green brand of high quality, -a brand taking the complete value chain into consideration, -just like the certification of Natrue Organic.

At GreenEtiq we have worked hard to avoid all unnessesary packaging, bigger labels and consumption in general. We have printet directly on the primary packaging, has no big labels and only a 2 coloured print, -Grey & Silver or Grey & Gold.

Around 85% of all of our ingrediens are grown on fields, plantation and groves just outside the production, which makes it possible, to get the ingrediens into production, not later than 2 hours after harvest, which secures all the vital vitamins, minerals, proteins and moist. It is our clear filosofy, that this is why our products are very active, giving fast results, a healty glow, healing up challenged skin etc.